About Matthews Fabrication

In March 2008, while I was in the Air Force I (Matthew) bought a full wood shop to start my own business one day. I have made Cutting boards, Pens, a Kitchen table, & Segmented Vases & Bracelets. It’s funny how it turned into a Rifle & Knife business.

I got into hunting when I was 21 in 2002 & have been heavily involved in it since. I made marksman in the Air Force at 50 yards with iron sights, but when it comes to shooting long range there is a lot more to it. Especially when you put a scope on your rifle. I was constantly frustrated with getting a proper cheek weld & seeing through my scope quickly even though I shot verily well. While I was at the shooting range in the summer of 2012 I saw someone with a built in Cheek piece. Shortly there after I made my first Kydex Cheek Rest for my rifle & it made a world of difference. I decided to make a video of it & post it on YouTube that had over 19,000 views.

I started getting emails from the YouTube community asking if I would make them a Kydex Cheek Rest like they saw in my video. I was more than happy to help. Then in Oct 2013 I got a order for 10 Cheek Rest’s & from there I listed my Kydex Cheek Rest on Amazon & eBay & I have sold Thousands of them.

At Matthew’s Fabrication I’m continually updating the number of rifle stocks that I make cheek rests for, so they will fit the common Standard Rifle stock to the more Custom Rifle stocks, like the HS Precision or Bell and Carlson 2″ wide stocks as well as there standard 1.625″ stocks and there 1.75″ no taper stock, the Savage MKII, Boyds TactiCool & Choate 1.5″ no taper stock, and Monte Carlo stocks to name a few.

Every item is meticulously hand crafted, well-designed, & with the hunter/long range shooter in mind.