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Allen Key Hardware - W/ Allen Wrench +
Flathead Hardware - W/ Key Drivers +
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  • Click HERE For My Infused Images
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  • Kydex Rest, With Different Cutout Shapes & Rounded Edges
  • Low Profile Hardware w/ Two Different Options
  • Allen Key Hardware – Black Oxide W/ Allen Key Wrench
  • Flathead Hardware – W/ 2 KeyDrivers for Tightening & removal
  • CNC Machined with a Hand Crafted Touch
  • Sturdy, Well Built, & a Custom Fitted to your Rifle Stock
  • For a Perfect Cheek Weld, Improving Accuracy
  • Raises from .125″ to approximately 1.5″


CNC Machined Kydex Cheek Rest with a Hand Crafted touch– I use .125″ High Quality Kydex not inferior grades. Edges are rounded & then hand buffed so there are no sharp corners, Very Smooth.

Cheek Rests help in providing superior accuracy by putting your eye exactly where it needs to be, just like Archery you need an anchor point. For more information on the subject please read Fitting the long range rifle pdf.

The Cheek Rest is your anchor point, so keep it simple, Keep it Sleek with Matthew’s Cheek Rest~!

You want it Sleek as you want your eye as close to the center Horizontally as well as vertically & my Cheek Rest offers that.

  • RIGHT/LEFT SIDED – Is cut slightly different for your shooting hand so your hand doesn’t touch the rest.
  • BEAR PAW – Has a large cut out for people with Large Hands & it is the choice for you.
  • X2 – Is New & has the same large cutout on both sides & the slots are the same height. This Cheek Rest is also great for those with Large Hands, being Right or Left Handed.
  • *If you need a cheek rest for a stock that is not listed, write it in the “Add your Rifle Stock Info HERE” text box just above the “Add to Cart Button” or put it in Order Notes section of your order at Check Out below your address info.  Please include the type of stock and caliper measurements of the recoil pad at its widest point & I’ll either contact you for more info or I’ll make you what you need.

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AK – Intermediate = 1.335", AK – Nato – Long Stock, AK – Warsaw – Short Stock, AR – Buffer Tube = 1.25" (1-1/4"), AR15 A2 Rifle style stock, B&C M40 or Weatherby MarkV Accumark RC, B&C A2/A3, Howa 1500 Tactical SA = 1.83", B&C Medalist SA Varmint Tactical 2956-02 = 1.75″ (1-3/4″), Bergara B14 Hunter/Ridge & Wilderness Hunter/Ridge, Boyd's Pro Varmint, TactiCool, Choate = 1.5" N/T (1-1/2"), Browning X-Bolt or A-Bolt, Christensen Arms – Mesa or Ridgeline = 1.625", CZ TactiCool Stock = 1.5" N/T, CZ 457 – 527 Varmint MTR – Turkish walnut stock, Grayboe Renegade = 1.62" N/T, Grayboe Outlander = 1.70", Hogue, Howa 1500, or Mosin Nagant, HS Precision M24 or Ruger Mark II = 1.6875" (1-11/16"), Kimber 84M Open Country = 1.650", Lithgow LA 101 = 1.70", Manners or CZ 455 Varmint Precision = 1.63" N/T, Manners EH4 = 1.59", Manners T5 or McMillan A2 = 1.56″ N/T, McMillan A5 or A3 = 1.58" N/T, McMillan Game Warden, McMillan M1A Hunter = 2", Monte Carlo – Built in Cheek Swell: Mossberg Patriot Night Train 3, Monte Carlo – Built in Cheek Swell: B&C Medalist Sporter 2462, Weatherby Vanguard, Mossberg MVP Patrol or Scout, Mossberg MVP Predator – 1.73", Mossberg Patriot – Monte Carlo Stock, Rem 597 = 1.625", Rem 700 ADL, 5R, LTR, XCR, Police = 1.6875" (1-11/16"), Rem 700 BDL, M24, CVA Scout V2, = 1.75" (1-3/4"), Rem PSS – HS Precision PSS-001 Stock = 1.70" (1-45/64"), Rem 700 SPS – Monte Carlo Cheek Swell, Remington 700 Sendero SF II = 1.70", Rem 783 = 1.5625" (1-9/16"), Ruger American Predator, Ranch, or 10/22, Ruger Gunsite Scout, Ruger Hawkeye = 1.49", Ruger Mini-14 or Min-30, Ruger M77 Mark II = 1.625" (1-5/8"), Ruger PC Carbine, Ruger 10/22 Takedown = 1.53", Savage Axis, Axis II or Edge Older Model, Savage 10T or Hog Hunter, Savage 110 Varmint, Hunter, Scout, LRH, Storm, Predator, Savage 110 Tactical, Haymaker, Highcountry, Bear/Hog/Brush Hunter, Savage 110 Ridge, Apex's, Engage, Ultralite, & Timberline, Savage 110, Savage 12 LRP = 1.625" (1-5/8"), Savage 110 FCP-HS – 1.650", Savage 10 FCP-SR, 10LE, Accustock, FLCP-SR = 1.6875" (1-11/16"), Savage 110 Lapua, 112 Magnum Target = 1.6875″ (1-11/16″), Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP = 1.625" (1-5/8"), Savage 12 FT/R – 1.56", Savage Mark II, F, FV, FV-SR, FVT, FVXP, FXP, Savage MKII TR, TR-SR, & TRR-SR = 1.59" N/T, Savage 93 & 93r17, F, FV, FV-SR, FXP, XP, FSS, FVSS, SpringField Armory M1A, Thompson Center Dimension, Thompson Center Encore, Thompson Center Venture, TC Compass – Monte Carlo-Cheek Swell Stock, Tikka T3, T3 Lite, T3x Lite, T1x MTR, Tikka T3 CTR or Varmint – Factory Cheek Rest Removed – Recommended, Tikka T3 CTR Or Varmint – Factory Cheek Rest Installed, Winchester Heavy Varmint, Weihrauch HW97KT – Double Monte Carlo = 1.8", Winchester Model 70, Featherweight, & Alaskan = 1.625" (1-5/8"), Winchester XPR Compact Combo – 1.565", Winchester XPR Hunter – 1.635", Winchester XPR Sporter – 1.6875", Victor Titan 10/22 7 CV58 = 1.45" (1-29/64"), Recoil Pad widest point = 1.5625" (1-9/16"), Recoil Pad widest point = 1.625" (1-5/8"), Recoil Pad widest point = 1.6875" (1-11/16"), Recoil Pad widest point = 1.725", Recoil Pad widest point = 1.75" (1-3/4"), Recoil Pad widest point = 1.8125" (1-13/16"), Recoil Pad widest point = 1.875" (1-7/8")

4 reviews for Adjustable Kydex Cheek Rest – Flathead Hardware

  1. dhdallas (verified owner)

    Excellent cheek riser. I have the bear paw right hand model in steel gray mounted on my Lee Enfield No.5 and it looks as good as it works. Very easy installation. I did it at my kitchen table with just a hand drill. It’s a nice touch that a non marring tool is included.

  2. Zach Lux (verified owner)

    If you are browsing different companies and trying to decide which one to go with, this is the one. I am so pleased with the cheek riser and dont forsee myself using bags anymore. My cheek weld is solid and it is so much easier to know exactly where I am compared to my scope. I set mine up so I can remove the bolt of my Remington 300 win mag without adjusting or removing the riser and that means a more consistent shooting position for me. I also had to communicate with Matt a couple times because I messed up ordering. He really took care of me and gave awesome customer service. Definitely a five star product/company.

  3. Jeffrey Solomon (verified owner)

    I just installed this cheek rest on my Ruger 10/22.
    Installation took no more than 10-15 minutes, and the product performed flawlessly.
    High quality device, and high quality hardware.
    Installation video makes the installation look much more complicated than it actually is.
    Line it up, tape it where you want it… and drill two 1/4″ holes.
    Install the bolts (in my case the Allen Screw connectors) with a little bit of Locktite, and you’re good-to-go.

  4. Tom (verified owner)

    Matthew’s Fabrication takes a common fault many stock/gun manufacturers don’t address and gives you a quality piece of work to address it. Was easy to install, looks good, and doesn’t interfere with the bolt. Highly recommend to any serious shooter. Sure beats foam and medical wrap.

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