Ka-Bar TDI Knife Sheath

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Every item is meticulously CNC crafted, well-designed, & with the EDC person in mind.


CNC Made Kydex Knife Sheath ONLY (Knife Not Included)- I use the thicker .080″ Kydex for Superior Retention over the stock sheath, plus the added accessibility of being able to get a full proper grip on the knife when drawing it from the sheath.

Matthew’s Sheath is professionally designed using CNC CAD/CAM & over built with MELONITE coated eyelets spaced 3/4″ (.75″) apart so you can carry it the way you please. It has a sleek design with a much lower profile than the original. Ambidextrous carry, just remove the screws & position it the way you want then add blue loctite once you find your method of carry.

This Sheath is specifically designed to fit the following Ka-Bar models 1477, 1480, & 1481 TDI Law Enforcement Knives.

Please NOTE: You have to push hard when putting your knife in the sheath & to remove get your grip & press off with your thumb or when mounted to your belt, just give a quick yank. YouTube Video Called “Kydex Cheek Rest – Update – Ka Bar TDI Sheath”

  • Kydex Knife Sheath only
  • Fits Ka-Bar 1477, 1480, & 1481 TDI knives
  • Adjustable – Ride height, Belt Width: Fits 1.25″, 1.5″ and 1.75″ belts , & Cant/Angle to your preferred method of carry
  • Improved retention & accessibility when drawing knife from sheath.
  • Eyelets are treated with Melonite & Loops have Mil-Spec one-way snaps – Pull the Dot snaps

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11 reviews for Ka-Bar TDI Knife Sheath

  1. CsL


    This is hands down the best sheath on the market. To buy the Kabar TDI 1480/1481 without this sheath is a WASTE of time and money. I have lost two of these knives in the past due to the factory sheath being weak and almost pointless, but that’s how Kabar was able to sell the knife inexpensively. The original sheath is a belt clip design that weakens with constant attachment and detachment. It’s just too loose to hold the knife properly in place without, every once in a while, inadvertently slipping the knife out, should it snag on a shirt or other item.

    That’s where Matthew comes in. This man has a gift for fabrication. His attention to detail is evident upon opening the package. I was ecstatic to play around with this item and compare it to the stock Sheath. The ability to canter or angle the sheath, coupled with the adjustment to belt size is of utmost importance and Matthew nailed it. I’m still very impressed months later with the resilience and tightness of hold. It takes a moment to learn how hard to press to get it perfectly snug, but that last push before it’s secure is awe-inspiring; “Aha! that’s what a sheath should do!” I should say the best thing about the knife is how quickly it can be pulled and ready to ‘use.’ That said the tightness of the sheath does NOT interfere with unholstering of the blade in milliseconds.

    This is what Kabar wishes they could package with the knife. You will not be disappointed.
    Knife and Matthew’s sheath amount to a reasonable $80.
    Do yourself a favor… The knife is useless without this product.
    You will soon agree with my subjective opinions.”

    Review from one of my Amazon Customers.

  2. Anthony Sylcott

    “Anthony Sylcott

    I never did like the stock sheath, especially wearing it vertical. I purchased one for my TDI 1480, Matthew’s sheath is pure quality, worth every penny.”

    Review from one of my Amazon Customers.

  3. five3


    I was in need of a horizontal sheath for my newly purchased Kabar TDI and I needed it in a hurry. A lot of other kydex sheaths out there have a 4-6 week wait until they actually go into production. Any other time I’d have no problem waiting. However, as stated earlier I needed this sheath fast.

    Luckily I happened across Matthew’s Fabrication and on Amazon no less. The quality and fit of the sheath displays a great attention to detail. Fits like a glove and there are absolutly zero issues with drawing or reholstering (horizontally or vertically).

    For the price and speed of a made-to-order item, I’m more than happy with my purchase. I’ve been carrying my kabar in this sheath for 2-days now, roughly 12-hours a day. During regular daily tasks, work, and excercise the blade stays put. I’ve also practiced drawing from the sheath some few dozen times without issue.

    Matt does awesome work and it’s comforting to know I didn’t have to sacrifice quality for speed – Accountability, service, excellence – I’d easily recommend this sheath to other Kabar TDI owners.

    Note: I found the sheath worn horizontally works better with a single belt loop – This allows for you to fine tune the cant so that the handle will ride parallel with your belt rather than pointing downward a few inches below the belt.”

    Review from one of my Amazon Customers.

  4. Greg (verified owner)

    Do not hesitate to buy this sheath. This thing is top-quality all the way. Fit and finish is flawless. The knife slides in smoothly and then you hear a nice “snap” which tells you it’s locked in securely. You will not have to worry about losing your blade, as it is not coming out until you bring it out. Worth every penny!!

  5. cakloiber (verified owner)

    This is an awesome sheath! I have another aftermarket sheath (Phlster), but I left it and my knife at home when I left on active duty. I kind of felt naked without it, so rather than asking my wife to find it and mail it to me, I decided to order another knife and sheath combo. So I decided to give Matthew’s Fabrication a try.

    I like this sheath very much! It’s great quality, the edges are nicely finished, and the corners don’t dig into my waist (like my Phlster does). The retention is nice and tight. It took me a few minutes of learning how to snap the knife in, even with Matthew’s videos and the instructions he includes with the sheath. Once I learned the sheathing technique it became easy,, I just wore this sheath through a combat carbine qualification course that involved a lot of movement and bruises, and my knife never left the sheath, the belt loops held up fine, never coming unsnapped, and the knife never flopped over or interfered with my body armor. Honestly, this is a great sheath, and I like that it’s from a Veteran-owned company.

  6. Matthew’s Fabrication, LLC

    Thank you greatly for your service & sacrifice in serving our country~! Thank you for your kind, detailed review, we greatly appreciate your kindness. Glad to hear how well it worked for you during a Combat Carbine Qualification. I love hearing stories like this. Enjoy the sheath & stay safe~!


    #CheekRest #CheekRiser

  7. James (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the stock sheath for the past year, and wanted to upgrade to something with better retention. This sheath did not disappoint!

  8. Joshua W. Bridges (verified owner)

    FINALLY! A sheath maker that GETS IT!
    I wore the Ka-Bar TDI every day as a municipal police officer and absolutely loved the knife. I loved the build quality, the design and the fact that it would more than likely handle it’s intended purpose very well. What I did NOT like was the crappy sheath that came with it. At first it was ok, but after putting it on my inner belt behind my magazines on my duty belt day in, day out the metal clip would get weak and start to bend. Once this happened, the sheath and knife would just flop around. I’d have to disassemble the sheath, straighten the clip and put it back together. If you know anything about metal, you know that the more it’s bent, the weaker it gets. Eventually it would break. The clip aside, the actual sheath didn’t offer much in the way of knife retention either. You could just barely tug on the knife and it would pop right out. And if it was that easy for me to pop it out, it would be just as easy for someone to pull it out and turn it on me.
    Matthew solved both of those issues with his design. First of all, with his sheath, you have multiple carry options because you can adjust the straps to fine tune angle of carry, strong or weak hand, vertical or horizontal, etc. And this thing really holds the knife! I am more than confident that as long as I seat it properly, it’ll never just pop out. It’s solid as a rock once its locked it. BUT, even with this level of retention, the knife is easily removed from the sheath if you know how to do it. Hat’s off to Matthew’s Fabrication for a homerun on this design! This is the BEST option you will ever find for this knife. Now I’m saving up to have him build one for my Large TDI. If you’re looking at one of his products, just do yourself a favor and go ahead and pull the trigger. Once I placed my order, the build time and ship time were super fast. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! Will definitely be a repeat customer!

  9. Kenneth

    I had to look at the FAQ to figure out I needed to push the blade deeper for the tension to lock the blade. After I figured that out, there isn’t much else to say but that it is way better and much safer than the original sheath were I was constantly worried about the knife an Sheath falling out of my belt. No more!

  10. Chris (verified owner)

    I stopped carrying and using my Ka-Bar TDI for the longest time because of the lousy sheath that came with it. This new Kydex sheath is what Ka-Bar should include with every TDI knife!

  11. Pete

    I had my TDI sitting around for over a year because the stock sheath was junk, I’d beaten up two of them, they snagged, the metal wasn’t great, the retention wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great. You know in a second of holding this, you are not losing retention on this, combined with a better set up for how carry it, it’s a no brainer. Plus, FDE….

  12. Ryan Tabije (verified owner)

    Just picked up one for my 1480…absolutely love it…..

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