Printable Installation Instructions with pictures

Matthew’s Fabrication Kydex Cheek Riser Installation – Low Profile Allen Key Hardware

This Installation also applies to the Quick Adjustment Hardware


Matthew’s Fabrication Magpul CTR Kydex Cheek Riser Installation


Matthew’s Fabrication Sheath

How To Insert Ka-Bar TDI into Matthew’s Fabrication Kydex Sheath – Quickly

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  • Kirk Lewis

    I installed my Texas Flag cheek rest on my Ruger American 30.06 this morning in about 15 minutes, less time than it took to gather up the tools and supplies. I love it. Cheek rests have been the single most important factor in improving my rifle marksmanship.

  • Gene Stewart

    I’m unsure of the best option for fit with Mt Xbolt Longrange with the McMillan Gamescout stock.
    Tried looking thru the gallery…still not sure …

  • matfab


    Thanks for the question. According to other customers measurements, I would recommend choosing one of the 1.70″ “Stock Options” for your Browning X-Bolt Mountain Pro Long Range with the McMillan Game Scout stock.

    You can also message me through my Contact Us page if you have any other questions.


    Looking forward to installing on my project, I’m sure groups will improve. Given the groups I’ve achieved without a weld point I’m expecting similar results at 600 meters. Will keep you posted!

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