Adjustable Kydex Cheek Rest

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  • Adjustable Kydex Cheek Rest, Black Oxide Carriage Bolts, & Anti-Vibration Locking Knobs Included
  • Requires 1/4″ Hole Drilled
  • CNC Machined Cheek Riser with a Hand Crafted Touch
  • Sturdy, Well Built, & Custom Fitted to your Rifle Stock
  • For a Perfect Cheek Weld, Improving Accuracy
  • Cheek Riser Raises from .125″ to approximately 1.5″
  • NEW IMAGE INFUSED KYDEX – See Details below


CNC Machined Kydex Cheek Rest aka Cheek Riser with a Hand Crafted touch– I use .125″ High Quality Kydex not inferior grades. Edges are rounded & then hand buffed so there are no sharp corners, Very Smooth.

Adjustable Kydex Cheek Rests help in providing superior accuracy by putting your eye exactly where it needs to be, just like Archery you need an anchor point. For more information on the subject check out this video

The Cheek Rest is your anchor point, so keep it simple, Keep it Sleek with Matthew’s Cheek Rest or Matthew’s Cheek Riser ~!

You want it Sleek or Custom Molded to your Stock as you want your eye as close to the center Horizontally as well as vertically & my Cheek Riser offers that, plus it makes for a more Rock Solid Cheek Weld/Mount when the Cheek Riser is molded to fit your stock.


  • IMAGED INFUSED KYDEX: Works on Colored Kydex By Infusing the Image into the pores of the material permanently. This process does not print the color White. The Cheek Rest color shows through where there is no image: for example on the Blue Line Flag, the strips are Steel Grey colored just as the Steel Grey cheek rest color. Will not work on Black Kydex~!
  • Flags/Patriotic can be Infused on any Kydex Color – The Kydex Color you choose Will show through any white spaces on the image as it doesn’t print the color White.
  • Digi-Camo Blue is Infused on Steel Grey, but you can choose another Kydex Color – The Kydex Color you choose Will show through
  • MultiCam – is Infused on Ranger Green, but you can choose another Kydex Color – The Kydex Color you choose Will show through
  • We The People is Infused on Coyote Brown, but you can choose another Kydex Color – The Kydex Color you choose Will show through
  • Custom Image – $15 is Possible & I can do Personal Photos or Images that are licensed to use by the Public – No Copyrighted or Trademarked Images


  • BEAR PAW – Has a large cut out for people with Large Hands & it is the choice for you.
  • X2 – Is New & has the same large cutout on both sides & the slots are the same height. This Cheek Rest is also great for those with Large Hands, being Right or Left Handed.
  • RIGHT/LEFT SIDED – Discontinued – To make my Cheek Risers Faster, I have decided to discontinue these shapes as my Bear Paw Right Handed, Bear Paw Left Handed & X2 Style Cheek Risers are more popular.


  • *If you need a cheek rest for a stock that is not listed, write it in the “Add your Rifle Stock Info HERE” text box just above the “Add to Cart Button” or put it in Order Notes section of your order at Check Out below your address info. Please include the type of stock and caliper measurements of the stock just before the recoil pad (ruler section touching the top of the stock) & I’ll either contact you for more info or I’ll make you what you need.
  • **Ranger Green will not match a Hogue or Ruger American Stock**.


  • Copyright: <a href=’’>wirojsid / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Stock Options

AG Composites – Alpine Hunter, AK – Intermediate = 1.335", AK – Nato – Long Stock, AK – Warsaw – Short Stock, AR – Buffer Tube = 1.25" (1-1/4"), AR15 A2 Rifle style stock, ATI – Monte Carlo Stock, B&C 2092 or 2096 Rem 700 BDL Varmint/Tactical Vert Grip 1.825", B&C A2/A3, Howa 1500 Tactical SA = 1.83", B&C BDL Long Range Tactical – #7595 & 7596, B&C Long Range Hunter #1011 & #1010, B&C M40 or Weatherby MarkV Accumark RC, B&C Medalist SA Varmint Tactical 2956-02 = 1.75″ (1-3/4″), Bergara B14 Hunter/Ridge & Wilderness Hunter/Ridge, Bergara BMR 22LR, Bergara BXR, Boyd's Pro Varmint, TactiCool, Choate = 1.5" N/T (1-1/2"), Boyd's SPOT STK – No Cheek Swell, Browning BAR MK3, Browning Hells Canyon or Speed Composite, Browning X-Bolt or A-Bolt, Choate – Ruger Mini 14/30 Conventional Stock, Choate T/C Encore Raised Hump Stock = 1.571", Christensen Arms – Mesa or Ridgeline = 1.625", Christensen Arms Ranger 22LR, CVA Cascade = 1.45", CVA Paramount Pro 50 Colorado, CVA Scout V2 = 1.75", CZ TactiCool Stock = 1.5" N/T, CZ 455 Varmint Precision Manners 1.63" N/T, CZ 457 Varmint (02340) Wood stock – 1.640", CZ 457 – 527 Varmint MTR – Turkish walnut stock, CZ 600 Alpha – Black Polymer Stock, Franchi Momentum, Grayboe Renegade = 1.62" N/T, Grayboe Outlander = 1.70", Hogue, Howa 1500, or Mosin Nagant, HS Precision M24 or Ruger Mark II = 1.6875" (1-11/16"), HS Precision PSS010, 003, 001, & PSV004 = 1.6875", HS Precision PSS046 & 120 = 1.6875", HS Precision PSS134 = 1.625", HS Precision PSS138 & PSS033 = 1.60", HS Precision PST036 & 035 = 1.61", HS Precision PSV002 = 1.56", HS Precision PSV096 & 107 (Rem 5R) = 1.735", IOTA EKO, Kimber 84M Hunter, Kimber 84M Open Country = 1.650", Lithgow LA 101 = 1.70", Magpul Hunter Stocks – X22 & Rem 700, Manners or CZ 455 Varmint Precision = 1.63" N/T, Manners EH4 = 1.59", Manners MCS-EH1 1.61" N/T, Manners T5 or McMillan A2 = 1.56″ N/T, Mesa Precision Altitude – Raised Hump, McMillan A5 or A3 = 1.58" N/T, McMillan Game Warden, McMillan M1A Hunter = 2", Montana Rifle Company V2 = 1.663", Monte Carlo – Built in Cheek Swell: Mossberg Patriot Night Train 3, Monte Carlo – Built in Cheek Swell: B&C Medalist Sporter 2462, Weatherby Vanguard, Mossberg MVP Patrol or Scout, Mossberg MVP Predator – 1.73", Mossberg Patriot – Monte Carlo Stock, Rem 597 = 1.625", Rem 660, Rem 700 ADL, 5R, LTR, XCR, Police = 1.6875" (1-11/16"), Rem 700 BDL, M24, CVA Scout V2, = 1.75" (1-3/4"), Rem 700 Long Range HS Precision Stock = 1.63", Rem PSS – HS Precision PSS-001 Stock = 1.70" (1-45/64"), Rem 700 SPS – Monte Carlo Cheek Swell, Remington 700 Sendero SF II = 1.70", Rem 783 = 1.5625" (1-9/16"), Rem model 7 AAC Micro 7, Ruger American Predator, Ranch, or 10/22, Ruger Gunsite Scout, Ruger Hawkeye = 1.49", Ruger Mini-14 or Min-30, Ruger M77 Mark II = 1.625" (1-5/8"), Ruger PC Carbine, Ruger 10/22 Takedown = 1.53", Sako A7 – Monte Carlo Stock, Sako 85s Hunter – Monte Carlo Style wooden Stock, Sauer 100 Classic XT, Savage Axis, Axis II or Edge Older Model, Savage B22 FV-SR, Savage 10T or Hog Hunter, Savage 110 Varmint, Hunter, Scout, LRH, Storm, Predator, Savage 110 Tactical, Haymaker, Highcountry, Bear/Hog/Brush Hunter, Savage 110 Ridge, Apex's, Engage, Ultralite, & Timberline, Savage 110, Savage 12 LRP = 1.625" (1-5/8"), Savage 110 FCP-HS – 1.650", Savage 10 FCP-SR, 10LE, Accustock, FLCP-SR = 1.6875" (1-11/16"), Savage 110 Lapua, 112 Magnum Target = 1.6875″ (1-11/16″), Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP, Savage 12 FT/R – 1.56", Savage 16/116 Synthetic Stock, Savage Mark II, F, FV, FV-SR, FVT, FVXP, FXP, Savage MKII TR, TR-SR, & TRR-SR = 1.59" N/T, Savage 93 & 93r17, F, FV, FV-SR, FXP, XP, FSS, FVSS, Savage Rascal, Savage Rascal Target XP, Seekins Precision Havak PH2, SpringField Armory M1A, Springfield Waypoint 2020, Stocky's Long Range Composite Accublock 1.63 N/T, Stocky's VG2-700 CF Remington 700, Thompson Center Dimension, Thompson Center Encore, Thompson Center Venture, TC Compass – Monte Carlo-Cheek Swell Stock, Tikka T3, T3 Lite, T3x Lite, T1x MTR, Tikka T3 CTR or Varmint – Factory Cheek Rest Removed – Recommended, Tikka T3 CTR Or Varmint – Factory Cheek Rest Installed, Winchester Heavy Varmint, Weihrauch HW97KT – Double Monte Carlo = 1.8", Winchester Model 70, Featherweight, & Alaskan = 1.625" (1-5/8"), Winchester Model 70 Extreme Weather MB – Built in Cheek Swell, Winchest Renegade Long Range SR (Advanced Grayboe), Winchester XPR Compact Combo – 1.565", Winchester XPR Hunter – 1.635", Winchester XPR Sporter – 1.6875", Victor Titan 10/22 7 CV58 = 1.45" (1-29/64"), Recoil Pad widest point = 1.5625" (1-9/16"), Recoil Pad widest point = 1.625" (1-5/8"), Recoil Pad widest point = 1.6875" (1-11/16"), Recoil Pad widest point = 1.725", Recoil Pad widest point = 1.75" (1-3/4"), Recoil Pad widest point = 1.8125" (1-13/16"), Recoil Pad widest point = 1.875" (1-7/8")

43 reviews for Adjustable Kydex Cheek Rest

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    This IS an outstanding product , It is simple to install and easy to adjust. I Installed this On my 6.5×55 Savage 111 custom after having trouble getting proper eye alignment with a 50mm objective scope. Medium rings and a 20 MOA one piece rail has the bell about .080 from the barrel and 1.65″ above the bore. I installed the cheek rest per the video instructions (takes about ten minutes with a cordless drill ) ,and can get a proper cheek weld with no movement. Has made shooting a painless affair , no neck cramps or pain after being on the rifle for an hour or two and has made me a better shooter.

  2. uncle-buck (verified owner)


    Purchased this cheek rest for a long-range precision rifle. The fit and finish are excellent and the installation instructional video posted online is clear and concise. The product does exactly what I want it to do and at a very reasonable price. Customer service is also responsive. Highly recommend!

    P.S. The bolts were a little long for a Savage synthetic Accu-Stock. No problem. Shortened them by cutting with a hacksaw and now they are the perfect length.”

    Review from one of my Amazon Customers.

  3. TinkerGuy (verified owner)


    Matt has EXCELLENT communication. Timely responses with answers to questions I didn’t even realize I needed to ask. Custom made for my exact stock.

    Kydex is completely deburred, and appears to be as near to perfect as one can get. Zero flaws. See YouTube for videos; they make installation simple.

    Can’t recommend highly enough. Veteran owned. Veteran made. Just can’t beat it. Buy with confidence!!!

    EDIT: I wanted to add some specifics for my gun. I have a Tikka T3 Lite with blued barrel/action in .308 Winchester with the std size synthetic stock (not the youth model). I purchased it in the spring of 2015. Matthew fit my cheek piece PERFECTLY to my stock. So, if you have a short action Tikka T3 Lite with the synthetic stock, now you know that Matt can handle it. 🙂 ”

    Review from one of my Amazon Customers.

  4. Mike Morris

    The adjustable Kydex is just what I needed for my hunting rifle. I just couldn’t get the proper cheek weld and this solved the problem perfectly. The item is simple in design but elegant in its simplicity with clean, smooth lines. It is well built out of tough material and the hardware ( two bolts & 2 nuts) are designed for the application, not just pulled from a hardware store shelf. If you buy this adjustable rest, you will not be disappointed. Great Idea!

  5. Jesse Estlow (verified owner)

    I wish I could post a picture here but I added this to my ruger 10/22 with synthetic stock. It allows me to use a red dot sight and keep a solid cheek weld.
    Install took me 10 or 15 minutes with a drill press if that. Didn’t have to muscle anything and it’s a pretty forgiving process anyway. Simple, but versital design with quality parts.

  6. Matthew’s Fabrication, LLC


    Thanks for the review & taking the time to write it. You can always send us a photo to [email protected]



  7. Stefanos Damalas (verified owner)

    Great Product with a Great Fit. Your Installation Video was Very Helpful. Will be buying more in the future !!!
    Thanks Matthew….

  8. Chris Williams (verified owner)

    A great product. Simple to install and very sturdy. I used a return to zero mount that gave me to y’all of an optic. Now I have a perfect cheek weld. If you do not own this, you are wrong.

  9. Cole

    I recently installed this product on my mini14 ranch rifle. I’d like to start by saying the customer service was absolutely outstanding.
    I must have sent Matthew a dozen emails prior to my purchase asking tons of annoying questions and Matthew always responded quickly and eager to help. He answered all my questions, often attaching images to best explain things. I also had a very specific design and color scheme in mind and Matthew was more than happy to oblige my request.
    On to the actual product, which also thrilled me. Easy to install, sturdy, sleek looking, practical, the list goes on. Overall great product, I would/have already recommended this to some friends.
    This product has greatly increased my eye alignment with my scope and has also made shooting much more comfortable, both attributing to better accuracy.

  10. Tom Powell (verified owner)

    A while back I bought one of these for my synthetic stock Mossberg MVP Scout. I was nervous that it would make my stock look funny but it actually matches the black stock perfectly. It made my cheek weld so much easier and I now feel perfectly centered with the scope when I shoot.
    I liked my first one enough that I just bought one for my Ruger American Rimfire with synthetic stock and love it on that rifle, too. If you follow directions and watch the video it’s pretty easy to put on, especially with a synthetic stock. I highly recommend them for scoped rifles, as both of mine are much more comfortable to shoot now.

  11. scubapug (verified owner)

    Ordered a plain black riser for my Savage Mk II FV in .22LR. Installation was easy and riser fits the stock perfectly. I had to trim about 1/4 in. off of the forward mounting bolt since the stock narrows towards the receiver. I have the riser positioned about halfway up in its adjustment slots and now have a good sight picture with solid cheek weld. Clearance is sufficient to completely remove the bolt handle without moving anything.

    A++++ on these riser. Thanks!

  12. Kevin (verified owner)

    First of all, great customer service and product!

    I happened to know Matthew’s adjustable cheek rest on Youtube, then I sent him an E-mail for a few questions on my last Sat evening (Mar 14, 2020). Telling the truth, I didn’t expect I got his reply at 8:39PM, Pacific Time. Come on, it was almost 9PM on Sat. Then I replied with a few more questions. You know what, Matthew wrote me a mail again 10-20 minutes later, with detailed information and pictures. Man, you can’t even ask Amazon to do like this on Sat evening.

    I was very interested in this budget-friendly cheek rest, and I placed my order on the same Sat night. And today I had it on my REM 700, just 7 days later. It looks cool (I added a DTOM image on the rest :))), feels solid and good, fits my rifle’s Monte Carlo stock perfectly. I only regret that I can’t upload some pictures for everyone to take a look in this Review section.

    At last, I am very satisfied. Two thumbs up for Matthew and his product!

  13. jenn b (verified owner)

    Bought one for my cz455 tacticool 22lr after buying a savage mk 2 22lr with one of these installed. Amazing! Fit the stock perfectly, took two monutes to install, stays exactly where i want it, and makes scope/eye alignment so easy!

  14. Colton Harrison (verified owner)

    I just installed one on a Christensen Ridgeline 6.5 Cdmr and noticed immediate accuracy improvement out to 600yds. Simple and easy installation. I would definitely recommend.

  15. Rob Clouse

    I had a few cheek rests before, but this one is my favorite by far. It looks awesome and fits like a glove.

  16. Dave-DHB Gunworx

    I’ve installed quite a few of these over the last few years and can attest to their quality and ease of install. This is almost a “Must have” with current rifle stock designs. It is rare as of late that my customers actually “fit” their rifles and once shown, they understand the value of this investment. I will continue to offer this installation and endorse it fully.

  17. Eric Temple (verified owner)

    Excellent product and easily installed using the downloaded instructions. The rest is comfortable and easily aligns your eye with the scope. Matt responds to inquiries quickly. Highly recommend.

  18. JB

    Great product, fast shipping, and functionality is top notch! Very easy to install with a drill and bit set. May need a hack saw or Dremel if the bolts are too long.

  19. Matthew’s Fabrication, LLC


    Thanks for your business & the review. I have 3 different Carriage bolt sizes & if the set you have is too long, please send pictures & what stock you put it on & what size bolts, so we can see the length we sent & we can update what size bolts to send with that “Stock Option” so there is no cutting of the bolts or it is at least minimized.


    #CheekRest #CheekRiser

  20. Tommy B. (verified owner)

    I decided to purchase this riser after doing a little research online and constantly seeing Matthew’s Fabrication mentioned in various forums. I don’t think I read a single negative review and almost every one of them raved about the amazing customer service, almost as much as the product quality and craftsmanship. Long story short, I ordered the right model, but Matthew suggested an alternative that ended up working better for my particular setup. Matthew personally answered all of my emails within a couple of hours and went out of his way to ensure that I was happy with my purchase. And if this wasn’t enough, the quality and craftsmanship of the risers are top-notch! I’ve already recommended these to several of my customers and coworkers. I can’t say enough good things about this company and the products that they offer. Keep up the great work, Matthew!

  21. lanny hart (verified owner)

    These cheek rests are great,i have two so far,i will be getting more.

  22. Pat O’Brien (verified owner)

    The Allen screw attachment screws are a great option for the riser love them I’m replacing all the knobs with them

  23. matfab


    Thank you Greatly for your Continued business & for trying out our Allen Key Hardware, they are definitely popular & look Great. Thanks for your review, we appreciate it.


    #CheekRest #CheekRiser

  24. TimL (verified owner)

    Outstanding cheek rest! Shipped quick, looks great, and turned the chin-weld on my Savage Mark II into a real live cheek weld! Installation was quick and easy and I would recommend this to anyone who needs a better cheek weld on their rifle!

  25. wmh (verified owner)

    Received my “We The People” within 4 days of order. Very , very, nice work, just what I ordered. Looks great, fits great, very satisfied.

  26. Coop

    I won a savage model93 Troy Landry edition and put a sig sauer Romeo 4 on it and could not get a good cheek weld. And found out about Matthew’s Fabrication Kydex Cheek Riser. I drilled a hole straight through the stock and put the bolts through and tightened it. Easy fix for poor cheek weld. Would recommend this for anyone, makes you a more accurate shooter.

  27. Dennis Holloway

    Just wanted to say thanks. I bought this:
    off of Amazon. I wasn’t sure if it would fit right as on your web site, shows a different one for B&C Medalist stocks. I am not sure about the other Medalist stocks but I have a B&C Medalist Light Tactical, on a Remington 700 (.308) Varmint rifle and it fits perfect. Took me about 10 minutes to install and I did several repetitions of a closed eye exercise and me eye automatically aligned perfectly every time.
    I then took the rifle out shooting the following weekend and proceeded to put a 6 round group on the bullseye that I could have covered with a quarter.

    I thank you and my wife thanks you as had this not worked, I was going to break down and buy another tactical stock for around $1000 because even though I love the stock, I was tired of “chasing the bubble” on my Vortex Viper Gen II.

    “Bam Bam”
    U.S. Army (Ret)
    Special Forces

  28. Bill (verified owner)

    Love this cheek riser. It’s simple but rugged and very clean looking . Definitely makes my Savage 93r17’s stock alot more comfortable. Instalation took less than 15 minutes, all you need is some masking tape, a marker and a drill.

    Shipping was crazy fast and I was emailed a tracking number right away. Good company, good service, good products.

  29. KurtS

    Purchased the X2 with allen key hardware for my Tikka T1X. Easy to install, looks great and super solid cheek weld.

  30. Boise Pearson (verified owner)

    Fantastic and reasonably priced. I needed an adjustable cheek riser for my Savage Axis in .308. I had tried wraparound padded solutions, but was never happy with them. This riser installed easily, is rock solid, and looks great. I also really like the sleek look and feel of the Allen wrench hardware.

  31. Neil Young

    I’m really excited about this product, the x2 fit my Christensen ridgeline like a glove. It was a must have to get a good cheekweld with my build. Looks great too. Thanks Matt ?

  32. Keith B.

    Excellent product. Easy installation. I purchased two and had them both installed on two rifles in a short time.

  33. Blum

    This is a very well made product. Installed on a ruger american in ten minutes. Both of the included bolts are fully engaged and did not need trimming. Recommend.

  34. Bill B

    Added this cheek riser to a CZ 457 Varmint wood stock. Really easy to install and excellent riser for stocks that have traditional design. I’m running a large optic with a 50 MOA base, so I needed to run the scope higher up. This riser makes shooting very comfortable with a perfect cheek weld. My first range trip I was stacking shots.

  35. Rob Clark (verified owner)

    Excellent product, far superior quality to the cheap Chinese knockoffs that are flooding the market. Needed a raised comb on a lightweight 308 build and the X2 is perfect

  36. sir richard francis burton (verified owner)

    excellent product well made, mine was made for a savage mark II SV SR, fit perfectly, I have Roc Tite in the stock to add weight and just stepped up the bits and used 3 instead of 2. I did not experience any bolt “overhang”. I would suggest not cutting the bolts if you have overhang until the riser is in your final position. With my set up the threads are actually recessed a little. I know have perfect sight alignment and the should help me cut down on flyers.

  37. Roger

    American made by an American Veteran! First rate craftsmanship. These are built from good solid material. Nice, smooth, well rounded edges. The bolts, nuts and washers that come with the riser are designed for the task. The low profile hex bolts, and wrench, come at no charge. I appreciated that Matthew offer’s these custom made to fit “your” rifle, and in different colors. I installed this on a Ruger American Predator. The fit was perfect and looks great. Easy to install and adjust. I suggest watching his installation video on YouTube. His instructions are concise and easy for an old guy like me to follow! Great customer service. I emailed a question before placing my order, and received a response in just over an hour. The choices for adjustable risers that are available are many. Matthew offers those two or three extra things that made my decision easy. And, it’s those “little” things that count. Thanks for a great product Matthew. I’m going down to our range in the morning, (if it stops raining long enough), and I will send you pictures.

  38. Roger

    Update to my review of 15 June, 2023.
    Since I have had a chance to use this riser, and having put over 200 rounds through the rifle it is on since installing it, I wanted to do a quick update. One, it has improved my accuracy. Two, there has been no slippage of the riser, or loosening of the installation bolts. Quality, well made piece, with great customer service to back it. Happy shooting!!!

  39. Jay (verified owner)

    Absolute perfection! Perfect fit and finish, perfect fit on two HS Precision stocks, one B&C tactical stock, and one B&C Monte Carlo stock. I still have one more to install. Easy job, and simple for perfect eye alignment. If you’re on the fence, just buy one, you won’t regret it. Thank You for a great product and the very fast response and shipping. I now have 5 of these risers, no need to look any further.

  40. Jay (verified owner)

    I just bought 4 more cheek risers from Matthew’s Fabrication. I now have a total of 5. The fit and finish is perfect and the fit on the rifles were perfect. The craftsmanship in these risers is superb and brings perfect eye alignment for a solid cheek weld and comfortable shooting. If you are on the fence about these risers, just buy one, you will not regret it. A simple and solid solution for stocks with too low of comb that don’t have expensive built in risers. Communication was great and shipping was fast. Thanks for a great product!!

  41. Morant H (verified owner)

    After having this cheek riser on my rifle for about a year now I can confidently say if you’re thinking about buying it just do it, quality is superb and the solid cheek weld these provide will increase your accuracy and confidence with your rifle

    Also Mathew is awesome to deal with, I had filled out some of the details incorrectly and he sent several emails and tried calling me to make sure I got exactly what I wanted

  42. Frank Moon (verified owner)

    I shot a Mule Deer in Wyoming at 683 yds with the help of the Matthew’s Fabrication cheek riser. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to take the shot if conditions weren’t perfect and my sight picture wasnt perfect. The Matthew’s cheek riser made it possible. Great piece of kit.

  43. Matt Russell (verified owner)

    Quick shipping. Got mine installed tonight on my CZ 457 Pro Varmint. Followed the instructions from the website and had it on flawlessly in about 20 minutes. I opted for the low-profile hardware and glad I did. Looks amazing. I’ll likely buy another for my Ruger American Ranch 300BLK. Thanks!

  44. Dennis F. (verified owner)

    My riser for my Remington 700 Long range arrived today and I installed it. The riser was built to fit. Very nice job. Looks like it will work fine. Thanks!

  45. Maura Buss (verified owner)

    I have two cheek risers at this point, one with each type of fastening hardware. This is a great product, shipping was fast. When I emailed questions the responses were prompt and helpful. I’m sure I will order again in the future. I highly recommend!

  46. Kyle Rebo (verified owner)

    The install could not have been easier! Just follow the instructions, and go slow. The cheek riser not only looks outstanding, but it feels fantastic! I’ll definitely be recommending Matthew’s fabrication to everyone!

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